Multiphase Flow Measurement

Achieve unprecedented flow intelligence with non-nuclear simplicity

ForeSite Flow is the world’s first flow-measurement solution driven by Production 4.0 intelligence. This multiphase breakthrough delivers full-range flow insight for individual or group wells with real-time, split-second accuracy—all without a test separator or a nuclear source. Built for any production environment, this exclusive technology helps you reach new thresholds of flow-measurement accuracy, reservoir productivity, and cost savings.



Achieve superior flow intelligence with less hassle, expense, and maintenance compared to conventional test separators. ForeSite Flow is compact and portable with no nuclear source, moving parts, or level-control issues.

  • Eliminates nuclear-source management
  • Reduces equipment costs
  • Improves personnel efficiency and safety
  • Standardizes any well
ForeSite Flow Spend Less and Simplify


Elevate your operations to real time and eliminate the erroneous measurements caused by test-separator weaknesses such as gas carry-under, inadequate retention, and the presence of emulsions.

  • Delivers unprecedented accuracy
  • Enhances reservoir-management decisions
  • Manages slugging and all GVF ranges
  • Measures the full range of water cut
ForeSite Flow - Improve reservoir management


Advance to the production asset of the future. Only ForeSite Flow gives you an end-to-end measurement solution that empowers you to capitalize on an easy-to-reach and plentiful resource—your data.

  • Expands reservoir understanding
  • Automates well-testing processes
  • Optimizes production
  • Manages wells from your smartphone 
ForeSite Flow - Leverage production 4.0 technology


ForeSite Platform

ForeSite® Platform

Connect your entire production ecosystem

ForeSite Edge

ForeSite® Edge

Drive continuous production performance

ForeSite Flow

ForeSite® Flow

Harness unprecedented flow intelligence

ForeSite Sense

ForeSite® Sense

Maximize value with reservoir and equipment monitoring

CygNet Platform

CygNet® Platform

Unify all data silos into a single ecosystem

Activate Field-Wide Intelligence and Maximize Production

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