Automated Well Control

Reinforce your response

Weatherford harnesses the power of digitalization and automation to reinforce your capabilities for influx management even further in the well lifecycle. As a result, you have more control over kicks for safe execution of operations, efficient returns to productivity, and minimal risks to the balance sheet.

Unlike other technologies that only detect kicks and warn crews of influxes, our solution automates the entire transition from the primary to secondary well barrier. Making the handover process as quick and seamless as possible keeps influxes to gallons instead of barrels and mitigates kicks in minutes rather than hours. Regardless of the level needed for managing influxes, you can achieve a performance-enhancing response according to your predetermined protocol.

Plan ahead

Decisions made ahead of time enable well construction operations to advance without issues. During the hazard and operability study (HAZOP) phase before every project, we work closely with you to understand the best way forward for every contingency.

Together, we identify equipment limitations and maximum pressure allowances. From there, we outline the protocols for handing over from MPD to well control operations. When drilling conditions exceed the kick tolerance matrix, the MPD solution signals an influx. Further, if these conditions surpass pressure or flow limitations, the solution will alert the automated well control system to shut in the well.

Detect kicks early

Our MPD solutions enable detecting and reacting to kicks before they can present threats to well integrity, dangers to personnel safety, or damages to the environment. A quick response keeps the influx size to a minimum, which lowers pressure and gas flow rates, requires less time to mitigate, and facilitates a safe, fast return to well construction operations.

Detect kicks early

Shut in automatically

Applicable to any of our MPD solutions, the Safe Influx system activates the secondary well control barrier without human intervention. If an influx exceeds the limits of the primary barrier, it automates the space-out and shut-in process to always keep the well under control, which avoids the potential for secondary influxes and lessens the time to close the well and circulate out influxes. In fact, tests have shown that automating in this way results in shut-in five times faster than conventional human interface methods.

Shut in automatically

Mitigate influxes intelligently

After the onset of a kick or loss event, our intelligent MPD system accelerates the return to operations. The proven system determines the required amount of backpressure to apply from the surface within seconds before reaching the threshold kick tolerance size. It then circulates out the influx at a full rate within operational limits, which reduces or eliminates the need to activate the secondary barrier and follow conventional well control procedures.

Mitigate influxes intelligently

Automated well control explained

Real Results


Automating the handoff from primary to secondary well control extends the benefits of MPD further into well construction. We can recommend the right automated well control solution according to your detection, shut-in, and mitigation needs. With more MPD experience than any other provider and an industry-leading portfolio, Weatherford delivers solutions to minimize influx size, downtime, and risks. Please submit your information in the form below, and one of our representatives will be in touch soon.