Multistage Fracturing

Stimulate efficiently with field-proven multistage fracturing equipment

Our plugs, packers, and stimulation sleeves enable an unlimited number of targeted, well-isolated fracture zones. From heel to toe—in both cased and open holes—we deliver the downhole infrastructure that helps you to eliminate time-consuming interventions and get the most from your completion spend.

Run in faster, hold stronger, and mill out easier

Composite Plugs

Get more efficient, reliable performance in any type of wellbore—with lightweight, durable plugs that are ideal for stimulating single or multiple zones in vertical, deviated, horizontal, or multilateral wells.

Reduce fracturing operational time and start producing sooner

Stimulation Sleeves

Field-proven ZoneSelect® stimulation sleeves enable you to continuously isolate below the sleeves, shift to open the ports, stimulate, and then move to the next zone for quick, efficient stimulation.

Stimulation Sleeves

Isolate production zones with field-proven openhole completion systems

Openhole Isolation Packers

Our openhole isolation portfolio combines rugged simplicity and high-integrity performance to improve formation stability, reduce fluid diversions, improve sand control, and streamline your fracturing operations.

Openhole Isolation Packers

Maximize the value of your unconventional asset

Stimulation Services

Combining intelligence from surface and drilling logs, along with real-time reservoir modeling, our reservoir stimulation services are targeted to deliver prolific production—even from difficult formations.

Reduce the risk, uncertainty, and costs of offshore stimulation

RFID-Enabled Stimulation System

Using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and several other backup tool-communication options, our AutoFrac system enables efficient, intervention-free stimulation in openhole sections of extended-reach wells where conventional technologies provide uncertain reliability and limited contingencies.


Weatherford composite plugs, stimulation sleeves, and isolation packers deliver efficient  multistage fracturing solutions for your most challenging wells.

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