Set Point Choke

Take control
of your onshore
drilling operations

The technology that tamed deepwater drilling has landed.

Our PressurePro® control system puts simple, precise wellbore-pressure-management technology for any onshore drilling application in your hands. Purpose-built and easy-to-use, the system maintains wellbore pressures within the required window with minimal supervision during managed pressure, underbalanced, and flow drilling. The PressurePro control system comprises our state-of-the-art SafeShield® 5M rotating control device (RCD) and PressurePro electric set-point choke.

Leverage a nearly five-decade legacy

The MPD Leaders

Based on our decades of leadership in offshore managed-pressure drilling (MPD) technologies, we can help you to deliver safer, faster drilling operations on land. The PressurePro® control system, our most recent development, takes the knowledge we gained in critical, high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT), and deepwater environments and perfects it for the challenges and scale of onshore operations.


Smooth functionality

Smooth functionality

We are the first company to fully integrate a choke and RCD and to see it through from the initial design concept to the commercial market. This unique pairing results in integrated controls and open communication for an enhanced user experience.

Simple Operation

Simple operation

A single human-machine interface (HMI) gives you virtual—rather than manual—control of both the RCD and the choke. Displayed on a laptop in the doghouse or on the driller's console, the HMI also enables you to monitor important drilling parameters.

Precise Control

Precise control

A key part of the system, the PressurePro set-point choke uses electric operation to maintain pressures within ±5 psi (34.5 kPa) of the pressure point set. The automatic and instant adjustments to downhole pressure variances provide quick, reliable recovery from surge and swab.

Automated Intelligence

Automated intelligence

Our OneSync® drilling software platform lets you control the choke and RCD, conduct measurements, and maintain pressures within the target window. A proprietary control algorithm enables automatic choke adjustments that eliminate manual adaptations and inputs.

Enhanced Safety

Enhanced safety

Our PressurePro control system is independent from the rig well-control system. Each system acts as a separate line of defense, which enables confidence in challenging flow-drilling applications.

Free your focus with semiautomated adjustments

PressurePro® Set-Point Choke

Get set for enhanced drilling performance. A key piece of the PressurePro system, our PressurePro set-point choke provides efficient and precise pressure control. The user simply inputs the pressure set point, and then the system automatically maintains it—within ±5 psi (34.5 kPa)—by applying constant bottomhole pressure during drilling and connections.

PressurePro Set-Point Choke

Augment your abilities with a higher pressure limit

SafeShield® 5M RCD

Next-generation technology takes your drilling operation to the next level. An integral part of the PressurePro system, our SafeShield 5M model RCD improves upon our previous industry-leading RCD design. Enhanced safety and operational features—including a shorter stack height, larger through-bore diameter, and higher pressure ratings—improve pressure management.

Take Control of Your Onshore Drilling Operations

Connect with us to perform under pressure.

Our PressurePro control system is just one part of a complete, scalable MPD portfolio for wellbore-pressure management. To learn how the PressurePro control system or our other options can work for you, please complete the contact form and one of our experts will be in touch.