RFID-Enabled Stimulation System

Reduce the risk, uncertainty, and costs of offshore stimulation

Using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, our AutoFrac® system enables efficient, intervention-free stimulation in openhole sections of extended-reach wells where traditional technologies have often failed to provide adequate reliability. These intervention-free operations shorten fracture-to-fracture cycle times, minimize trips in and out of hole, and reduce on-site personnel and equipment.

In addition to RFID activation, the system also uses several other backup tool-communication options—including pressure pulses, timers, or a combination—that do not rely on control lines or mechanical actuation. This flexibility enables the system to continue functioning in a variety of scenarios—even a full screenout.

Real Results in the North Sea

Compared to industry-accepted fracture-to-fracture cycle times of between 2 and 4.5 days, the AutoFrac® system minimized times to just 8 hours. The system also enabled closing the RFID-controlled flapper valve to prepare for efficient cleanout after a screenout during the flush stage.

Real Results in the North Sea

Gain intervention-free fracturing flexibility

Our AutoFrac stimulation system, with its RFID technology, enables efficient, intervention-free stimulation.

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