ISO-Flex™ High-Expansion Retrievable Bridge Plug

Establish V0-rated barriers below tubing restrictions

Keep zonal-barrier operations moving fast and smooth—even when faced with challenging restrictions, high pressures, and high temperatures. ISO-Flex combines an extremely narrow-diameter profile with powerful hold capabilities to easily establish powerfully strong, temporary-or-permanent isolations below tight wellbore restrictions.

Exclusive Flexibility and Strength

Small-Diameter Access
for interventions within extreme restrictions

Quickly gain access behind challenging constraints with the plug featuring an ultra-thin profile that keeps operations moving fast and without time-consuming hang-ups.

Reduced maximum-running OD

drifts through standard tubing completion architecture and sets in next larger size tubing (i.e.: passes through 3.5-in. tubing to set in 4.5-in. tubing).

Optimized slip/casing contacts

minimize potential for tubing or slips damage. Flow areas entering and exiting the plug exceed the incoming area of plug ID for maximized efficiency.

Field-proven technology

provides confidence with key features based on ISO-Premium Bridge Plug with over 3,000 successful field runs.

Simple, robust design

is debris tolerant for long-lasting service deployments within remote, HPHT environments and is suitable for field redresses.

Small-Diameter Access

Reliable Hold
for high-quality, V0-rated well validations

Gain confidence in challenging well environments with powerful mechanical barrier featuring large, direct-to-the-wellbore equalization area that is ideal for sub-hydrostatic applications.

Certified well-barrier strength

qualified to ISO 14310 11D1 V0 and TR2385 to 5,000 psi (35 Mpa) up to 275°F (135°C) for reliable barrier holds.

Optimized ID

improves equalization through plug center and not around the slips for reduced risk of retrieval difficulty and pressure differentials.

Pre-release equalization

reduces risk of pressurization blown up hole and enables shift-down to equalize and shift-up to release.

Retractable back-up rings

contain the element to prevent extrusion and delivers enhanced element reliability during pressure reversals.

Reliable Hold

Streamlined Set and Retrievability
for enhanced flexibility and reduced OPEX

Run using multi-conveyance methods that allow deployment, setting, and retrieval using industry-standard systems and techniques.

Simple set-and-release system

actuates with ISO EasySet long-stroke setting tool and is captured with industry-standard, JDC/GS-type pulling tools (slickline, wireline, and coil tubing).

Dual internal and external fishing neck

utilizes standard wireline pulling tool for single-run compatibility with GS/JDC type tools.

Elemental design

resizes within gauge OD when retrieved and integrated body-lock rings prevent slip re-engagement after release.

Proven Performance
Offshore Brazil

ISO-Flex Overcomes Well Obstruction
SAVES Six Rig Days

Successful Temporary Abandonment in Injection Completion Where Standard Slickline Plug was Impossible

During an abandonment workover operation for an offshore injection-well operator in Brazil, ISO-Flex technology was successfully deployed to overcome a restricted wellbore – allowing operations to continue quickly and smoothly, saving the operator six rig days.

Proven Performance Offshore Brazil

Slim Entry, Powerful Hold, Extractable Simplicity

Discover the flexibility of ISO-Flex — the retrievable bridge plug that effectively passes through sliding sleeves, safety valves, and other tubing-mounted devices to pack-off large extrusion gaps then seal itself against high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) environments. Simply complete the fields below and a thru-tubing completions specialist will contact you soon.