Managed Pressure Drilling

Achieve unmatched safety and cost savings

Since introducing the first rotating control device in 1968, Weatherford has led the industry in providing a field-proven portfolio of related technologies and services. Ranging from automated to intelligent, our MPD offerings help you to enhance performance, improve safety, lower well-construction costs, reduce well-control risks, and increase production.

Reinforce your response

Automated Well Control

Weatherford harnesses the power of digitalization and automation to reinforce your capabilities for influx management, giving you more control over kicks for safe execution of operations, efficient returns to productivity, and minimal risks to the balance sheet.

Drill without defeat

Victus Intelligent MPD

Victus intelligent MPD helps you to precisely maintain bottomhole pressure in operations from land to deep water. Using the industry’s most advanced algorithmic model, it provides real-time analysis and rapid responses.

Intelligent MPD

Provide simple, precise pressure management and data capture

Modus™ Managed Pressure Wells Solution

The Modus solution creates a comprehensive pressure management strategy that precisely and continually manages the primary well-control barrier, eliminating pressure spikes, improving hole stability, optimizing drilling plans, manipulating effective mud weights, and increasing ROP.

Modus Managed Pressure Wells Solution

Take control of your onshore drilling operations

PressurePro® Control System

Our PressurePro control system—comprised of the SafeShield® RCD and PressurePro set-point choke—puts simple, precise wellbore-pressure-management technology for any onshore drilling application in your hands.

Create a pressure-tight barrier against drilling hazards

Rotating Control Devices

We offer rotating control devices (RCDs) that safely contain and divert fluid returns and enable wellbore pressure management in environments ranging from conventional onshore to deep water.

 Rotating Control Devices

Trip safer and faster in closed-loop drilling operations

Downhole Deployment Valves

A no-snub, no-kill alternative to conventional tripping techniques, our DDV® downhole deployment valve system helps you to increase tripping speeds, enhance personnel safety, and minimize formation damage in closed-loop drilling operations.

Downhole Deployment Valves

Manage inflow from the formation during drilling

Underbalanced Drilling

Our underbalanced drilling (UBD) services control the inflow of reservoir fluids into the wellbore while you drill to minimize near-wellbore damage, increase well productivity, and reduce drilling problems.

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