Candidate Data Privacy Notice

Weatherford International plc and its affiliates (“Weatherford” or “We”) are committed to protecting the privacy of candidate personal data (“Candidate Data” or “Data”). We are providing this notice (“Notice”) to explain how we collect, disclose, retain, transfer, protect and otherwise process Candidate Data. This Notice is not an employment contract or offer.

Who is a Candidate? A Candidate is an individual who (1) has expressed an interest in working with us; or (2) is applying for a posted opportunity with us. By making available your Candidate Data, defined below, you acknowledge that:

  • You have reviewed this Notice and agree that Weatherford may Process your Data, as defined below;
  • You have obtained any Consents, defined below, for you to provide data about your references or others; and
  • Your Candidate Data may be Processed, for the purposes and in the manner specified in this Notice, and transferred worldwide, including outside the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or your location of residence, including to the US and to other countries which may not be deemed to provide the same level of data protection. For example, relevant Recruiting/Human Resources personnel, or the manager for the role to which you apply, may be located in countries other than the one in which the legal entity to which you apply, and that country may not be deemed to provide the same level of data protection.  See below regarding the steps Weatherford takes to protect your data when transferred internationally.

What is Candidate Data and How is it Processed? Candidate Data is information that identifies or relates to a Candidate, which may be collected from a Candidate or from third parties, for example, in connection with a background or reference check, or from a recruiting or employment agency, subject to your Consent where required by law and in accordance with job or salary grade; or in connection with pre-occupational drug screening, where permitted. Failure to provide such Data may limit your eligibility for certain opportunities. Weatherford may Process the following categories of Candidate Data: (1) personal details, including date of birth where needed for compliance purposes, and contact information such as names, addresses and phone numbers; (2) work history, dates of employment, experience, skills, education, and compensation information, (3) additional information provided through recruiting (e.g., via a CV or cover letter, interviews, presentations, references, questionnaires or test results); (4) driver’s license number, for certain positions; (5) results of background checks or other pre-employment screening; (6) information in connection with your right to work such as tax identification, residency, visa, or work permit information.

What is Special Category Candidate Data and How is it Used? Special Category Candidate Data is information about race, ethnic origin, criminal history, health or union membership in certain locations. It may include information: (1) concerning fitness for work; (2) you disclose about a disability so that we may consider an accommodation; (3) related to criminal history or results of pre-employment drug and alcohol testing for occupational health and safety purposes; (5) about nationality or citizenship to verify your right to work, or to obtain any visa or work permits; (6) to identify and review equal opportunity practices, all as permitted and so classified by law.

What is Consent? Your approval, given by a clear affirmative act.

What is Process(ing/ed): Any action that is performed on Data, including accessing, retrieving, collecting, recording, organizing, storing, modifying, using, disclosing, adapting or altering, disseminating, transferring or otherwise making available.

Who is subject to this notice? This Notice applies to all Weatherford entities and Candidates for positions with Weatherford. If you are applying for a role with an entity in the European Union, that entity is the data controller for the Processing of your Personal Data, as defined in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

When do we collect Candidate Data? We may collect this Data (1) when you submit an application in response to a job listing, otherwise provide a CV or resume, join our Talent Network, or submit any other Data to us related to a prospective or actual opportunity; (2) when a recruiter, employment agency or other person submits information about you in connection with a prospective opportunity; (3) when Weatherford runs background checks or performs other position pre-screening including through third parties; (4) when you ask to be included in an email distribution list; or (5) when you respond to recruiting-related inquiries.

How is Candidate Data Processed and Shared with Third Parties? Candidate Data is Processed in accordance with applicable lawWeatherford limits access to Candidate Data to those who need it to do their jobs or to provide services as described in this Notice such as: recruiting and other pre-employment functions; human resource, compliance and legal management; and occupational health and workplace safety. Weatherford may be required to disclose certain Candidate Data to other third parties (1) as required by law; (2) to protect our or our personnel’s rights or other legitimate interests; (3) in an emergency where the health or safety of a candidate or other individual may be endangered; or (4) in the event of a re-organization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, or other transfer or disposition of all or any part of our businessWeatherford Processes Candidate Data solely for legitimate recruiting or related business purposes, or to comply with legal obligations such as: evaluating candidates; conducting background, reference, sanctions and politically exposed persons checks; considering accommodations for persons with disabilities when requested; preparing and presenting offers; administering occupational health and safety initiatives; maintaining recruiting and hiring records; analyzing recruiting and hiring processes and outcomes; receiving professional advice; auditing and other reporting; responding to legal process and to government requests, inspections, and investigations; enforcing our policies and standards; or otherwise in good faith belief to adhere to applicable law or the purposes in this Notice. Weatherford does not sell, rent, or lease Candidate Data.

In addition to using Candidate Data for a specific job listing or opportunity, if you join our Talent Community or provide consent when applying for a specific job listing or opportunity, we may Process and retain such Data to consider you for other opportunities as We deem appropriate, in a manner consistent with applicable law. If you no longer wish to be considered for such opportunities, you may contact us as specified under Candidate Rights, Inquiries and Complaints. If you are onboarded, your Data may be used in connection with your workplace relationship with Weatherford, in accordance with Weatherford personnel data privacy policies and practices.

How is Candidate Data Protected and Transferred Internationally? Weatherford has implemented necessary technical, physical, and administrative controls to protect Candidate Data. Data is retained only for as long as required for business, legal, or regulatory purposes. Because Weatherford operates across the globe, our normal operations may involve the transfer of information globally, to jurisdictions including the United States where the laws may not provide an equivalent level of protection to those where you reside. We will transfer Candidate Data to entities internationally for the purposes described in this Notice and will take necessary steps to ensure that such Data is protected in accordance with applicable law, including through contractual commitments by these entities where required.  For internal transfers within Weatherford, Weatherford has in place a group wide data transfer agreement which ensures adequate protection of the data.

Candidate Rights, Inquires and Complaints. Weatherford will observe all legal rights with respect to Candidate Data. Depending on where you reside, these rights may include:

  1. The right to request access to your Candidate Data;
  2. The right to correct or have your inaccurate Candidate Data corrected;
  3. The right to have your Candidate Data removed or deleted in accordance with applicable laws and subject to Weatherford’s overriding legitime interest or other legal grounds to retain the data;
  4. The right to object to the Processing of your Candidate Data where we have justified that use on the basis of our legitimate interest;
  5. The right to opt out of your Candidate Data being shared with certain third parties;
  6. The right to raise complaints with any relevant supervisory authority;
  7. The right to be informed and to express your views about automated decisions that could significantly impact you.
  8. Where you have given us consent, the right to withdraw that consent at any time by contacting or by unsubscribing from any communications to which you have subscribed.

If you have privacy questions or concerns or wish to exercise the above rights under applicable law, email If you have questions about your candidacy or application status, contact

California Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA”).  For California residents, the provisions set out in clause 12 of Weatherford’s Privacy Notice regarding the CCPA apply.

Changes to this Notice. We reserve the right to change this Notice from time to time and in our sole discretion. We will alert you of any material changes to the Notice by posting it appropriately and indicating the date it was last updated.

Updated January 14 2021