Secure cement placement despite demanding run-in-hole conditions

The challenging wells you cement today need integrity to prevail far into the future. Built from a single piece of laser-cut and shaped alloy steel, our VariForm centralizer enables you to cement wells in the toughest environments and make them last. The one-piece centralizer body features a single, metallurgically invisible weld with no hinges or mechanical connections for robust performance.

Achieve exact casing centralization to enhance cementing

The VariForm Advantage

We engineered the VariForm centralizer for durability. Our centralizer combines the quality you expect with the engineering excellence you need to balance starting and restoring forces. The bows collapse for nearly flat run-in and restore to full OD for superior standoff in standard gauge, horizontal sections, underreamed open holes, and close-tolerance cased-hole sections

The VariForm Advantage

Leverage our seven-decade legacy

Our History

Weatherford centralizer experience and engineering spans more than 75 years and millions of tools and accessories. As one of our latest advancements, the VariForm centralizer delivers precise centralization in even the most challenging environments.

Leverage our seven-decade legacy
Custom design to increase operational flexibility

Custom design to increase operational flexibility

Our single-piece design is fully customizable. We can change the shape of the centralizer to rebalance starting, running, and restoring forces for enhanced performance. Weatherford CentraPro Plus® software simulates the wellbore to help you choose the optimal centralizer design. Our fully automated manufacturing process produces centralizers that are exactly the same, from first to last, delivering repeatable precision for a better cement job.

Quality tested beyond industry standards to enhance reliability

Quality tested beyond industry standards to enhance reliability
Out stringent testing program goes well beyond API 10D. Using finite-element analysis and a battery of exacting tests, we predict how our designs will perform before we build them. Because we control and evaluate every step in the manufacturing process, we provide 100-percent traceability for each centralizer.

Consistent, predictable performance

Consistent, predictable performance

We enable consistent performance with each run. Our CentraPro Plus software can model standoff, running forces, and hook-load predictions to deliver consistent, optimized performance in any environment. The software determines the optimum quantity and placement of centralizers needed to minimize drag forces.

Enhanced bow rigidity to maximize performance for the toughest wells

Enhanced bow rigidity to maximize performance for the toughest wells
Engineered to increase bow strength and rigidity, our centralizer withstands demanding run-in conditions. The contoured bow profile reduces drag and prevents damage when running through restrictions.

Real Results

Find out how our centralizers enhance operations

Our centralizers deliver optimal performance, time savings, and cost reductions for customers around the world—even in the most challenging environments.

VariForm Manufacturing

Learn about our fully-automated manufacturing process

We’re advancing the science of centralization. Find out how our state-of-the-art manufacturing process delivers high-quality centralizers with repeatable precision.  


One Reliable Product

Choose from four distinct options

We offer standard and custom designs for all centralizer versions, to function in any setting.

VariForm Centralizer

This high-performance, one-piece centralizer features an OD equal to the expected hole size and significantly reduces starting and running forces with minimal drag while running casing. The VariForm centralizer provides superior standoff and restoring forces in the open hole and delivers flexibility for passing through wellbore restrictions.

VariForm UR Centralizer

Built to run through tight annular restrictions, the centralizer bows can collapse through the drift diameter of the previous casing. Upon passing thru the previous casing and entering into the larger under-reamed open hole, the bows restore to full OD—without sacrificing performance properties—to provide superior standoff.

VariForm Centralizer Sub

This centralizer sub can run in places that conventional centralizers simply can’t. The sub is ideal for close-tolerance casing restrictions as narrow as 0.125 in., yet it still restores to centralize underreamed openhole sections of 4 in. or more. We mount a VariForm centralizer to create the industry’s only sub that pulls the centralizer into the wellbore, rather than pushing it.

VariForm UR CT Centralizer

The VariForm UR CT centralizer delivers minimal drag while running in ultratight and close-tolerance cased-hole applications that exceed the minimum API recommended restoring force in an under-reamed open hole. The centralizer is available in a limited range of casing sizes, and can typically replace a centralizer sub.

Install confidence in your centralization program

Wellbore Simulation Software

The CentraPro Plus centralizer placement software simulates your wellbore to help you select the optimal design and placement of centralizers and stop collars.

Simulation Factors

  • Lateral force at any given location based on borehole geometry
  • Centralizer reaction to buoyed string weights and tension forces
  • Sag between centralizers based on pipe elasticity
  • Three-dimensional vector analysis of weight and tension
Wellbore Simulation Software

Secure cement placement

VariForm centralizers deliver repeatable precision in wellbore centralization to enhance cementing. To learn how our services and technologies can enhance your operations, please complete the contact form below. One of our centralizer specialists will be in touch.