RipTide Drilling Reamer

Maximize borehole enlargement with speed and reliability

The era of the simple well is over.

You need deeper, more complex wells to access profitable pay zones to meet the increasing demands of the modern energy industry. But conventional technology cannot reach these more challenging assets with optimal wellbore sizes while mitigating drilling hazards amid skyrocketing well construction costs.

The solution is to drill larger boreholes. The technology you need is the RipTide® drilling reamer.

Field proven in every asset type from unconventional to deepwater, RipTide drilling reamers enlarge holes up to 30% beyond bit diameter and deliver a smooth, concentric, completion-ready wellbore to total depth in one trip.

Access deeper reservoirs

When used in conjunction with rotary-steerable systems or rotary BHAs, the RipTide reamer can simultaneously drill and enlarge boreholes, enabling more strings in the wellbore and larger production liners in the productive zone.

Access Deeper Reservoirs

Maximize drilling efficiency

Optional radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology enables unlimited activations and deactivations for each reamer—without having to pull out of the hole—reducing the risk of sticking and associated nonproductive time.

Maximize Drilling Efficiency

Reduce overall costs

Cementing ratholes and performing cleanout runs incur up to 30% of all costs. The RipTide reamer, combined with the rathole killer, delivers a smaller rathole and a smoother wellbore in a single trip, reducing rig time and cementing costs.

Reduce Overall Costs

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