Drilling Services

Maximize reservoir exposure and reach your preferred target

We help you to safely drill from one casing point to the next in the shortest possible time. Using a suite of technologies that include rotary-steerable systems, logging-while-drilling services, surface logging systems, and borehole-enlargement technologies, we combine real-time formation analysis with innovative drilling tools to maximize drilling efficiency in any environment.

Centralizing real-time, multidisciplinary data to achieve exceptional performance

Centro Well Construction Optimization Platform

Our state-of-the-art Centro digitalization solution provides open aggregation, advanced modeling, and live analytics to give you instantaneous insights.

Direct the well trajectory with precise control and continuous rotation

Rotary Steerable Systems

Our rotary steerable systems—including both push- and point-the-bit technology—give you precise directional control to stay on plan and continuous rotation to increase the rate of penetration.

Maximize power output for optimal bit performance

Drilling Motors

We leverage 30 years of drilling experience to combine the right torque, speed, and flow capabilities in our positive-displacement mud motors.

Drilling Motors

Enhance borehole enlargement and wellbore cleanup in a single run

Borehole Enlargement

Optionally equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, our RipTide® drilling reamer and JetStream® circulation sub enhance drilling and reduce trips. The reamer works in combination with our ReamSync® borehole performance system for ultimate performance.

Achieve accurate directional surveys in any drilling environment

Measurement While Drilling

Our measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems leverage several proprietary telemetry methods to reliably transmit data to surface, even in wells subject to heavy vibration, high-lost-circulation-material content, high flow rates, and high doglegs.

Measurement While Drilling

Increase efficiency and mitigate drilling hazards with simultaneous drilling and casing

Drilling with Casing

Performing simultaneous drilling and casing- or liner-running operations can help you to accelerate well construction, reduce risk exposure, and mitigate potential hazards.

Drilling with Casing

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