Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valves

Safeguard your wells with intelligently engineered simplicity 

Engineered without sleeves, plugs, or other mechanisms that fail, our rod-piston, flapper-type TRSVs provide simple and reliable operation. Using a single control line, the TRSVs use hydraulic pressure to open for production. With any pressure loss caused by equipment failure or damage, the valve automatically reverts to its fail-safe closed position to protect your people, equipment, and the environment.

Achieve conventional safety-valve reliability in deepwater wells

Deep-Set Safety Valves

Our V1-certified deep-set valves provide fail-safe closure—without being affected by tubing pressure or relying on long-term nitrogen storage.

Deep-Set Safety Valves


Weatherford tubing-retrievable safety valves set the standard for simple, reliable operation.

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