Stimulation Sleeves

Reduce fracturing operational time and start producing sooner

Compared to setting a plug, running a perf gun, fracturing the zone, and repeating the process over and over, stimulation sleeves can significantly reduce your rig time and operating expenses. Field-proven ZoneSelect® stimulation sleeves enable you to continuously isolate below the sleeves, shift to open the ports, stimulate, and then move to the next zone for quick, efficient stimulation.

Stimulate up to 67 zones in a single run

SingleShot Sleeve

The SingleShot sleeve can stimulate multiple zones in a single run without thru-tubing intervention, which enhances your operational efficiency by reducing rig time and minimizing the time required for stimulation.

SingleShot Sleeve

Actuate up to five sleeves in one zone with a single ball drop

Multi-Array Sleeve

Our multi-array stimulation sleeve (MASS) uses hydraulic pressure to perform multistage plug-and-perf stimulations. Multiple MASS sleeves—placed between isolation packers or cemented in place in multistage completions—can stimulate a single zone, with a maximum of 31 zones.

Multi-Array Sleeve

Improve hydraulic fracturing operational efficiency

ZoneSelect® stimulation sleeves enable you to quickly isolate, stimulate, and move to the next zone for efficient stimulation operations.

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