Well Services

Turn problems into profit

Nothing eats into your bottom line faster than shut-in and underperforming wells. In today’s world of consuming fewer resources, reducing carbon footprint, and maximizing the economic life of your existing infrastructure, only Weatherford Well Services offer turnkey solutions that quickly and cost-efficiently get your assets back on track. As your single-source contact for integrated well services both onshore and offshore, we help you to evaluate, remediate, and rejuvenate problem wells without a rig.

Eliminate the need for multiple providers

Only Weatherford offers a comprehensive and global well-services toolbox that spans wireline to rigless restoration to production optimization. We accurately diagnose and efficiently fix any oilfield problem using any conveyance available, including coiled tubing, wireline, and slickline.

Diagnose with precision


Find the problem with world-renowned diagnostic tools and interpretation.

Plan for contingencies


Remove operational complexity with a project-managed approach.

Execute efficiently


Restore well productivity quickly with integrated expertise and technology.

Improve continuously


Maximize profitability with next-generation monitoring and optimization.


Move nonproductive assets into the black. Our Well Services specialists deliver an end-to-end solution that leverages exclusive casing and cement diagnostics, experienced data-interpretation, and permanent remediation technologies that restore profitability rig free.

Restore Well Integrity

Repair issues permanently. Our SecureView® casing and cement evaluation service visualizes your cased-hole well in one trip. Leveraging high-definition logs of your inner and outer casing and cement strength and bond, we can pinpoint tubing leaks, cement anomalies, parted casing, and more. We then deliver permanent and efficient well integrity with field-proven casing patches or our exclusive solid-expandable systems, eliminating short-term squeeze-cementing jobs.

Remove Obstructions

Clear the path to profitability. Masters of their craft, our Well Services fishing specialists use a range of proprietary thru-tubing and wireline-conveyed technology to deliver a clear wellbore safely with minimal downtime. Whether you work offshore or face a deep or heavy obstruction onshore, our crews pull, jar, or mill through obstructions to restore well productivity.

Repair Safety Valve Functionality

Safely restore well production. Only Weatherford restores safety-valve functionality and productivity without pulling the tubing. Our Renaissance® solutions retrofit new safety-valve control lines where the original has failed and enhance production by enabling delivery of downhole treatment fluids. These interventionless systems replace damaged control lines and retrofit wells with capillary injection, high-volume water-injection systems, and wells without safety valves.


Revitalize declining performance. We help you to increase revenue by finding bypassed reserves and mitigating common production issues, including water encroachment, shifting production zones, and reducing gas-lift capability.

Produce Bypassed Reserves

There’s more out there. Our Raptor® cased-hole evaluation system reveals and quantifies what lies behind your casing with precise through-casing reservoir characterization. We use this first-of-its-kind pulsed-neutron hardware, advanced petrophysical workflows, and a wide range of data services to find more reserves. We then enhance production and optimize wellbore drainage with wireline- and tubing-conveyed perforation services.

Manage Water Production

Control or shut off unwanted water and gas. We enhance your ESG efforts to reduce water production and disposal by managing the problem at the source. Our field-proven solutions identify the source and then help you continue producing responsibly with a range of techniques, including solid-expandable liners, advanced cased-hole straddle packers, and our cutting-edge water-conformance treatments.

Isolate Problem Zones

Expand your options. We isolate production flow from the casing wall with comprehensive solutions for every application—including permanent, retrievable, or feed-through production packers—with reliable, pressure-tight or gas-tight seals. Add additional flexibility mechanical, hydraulic, and RFID-enabled setting options and seal ratings from standard to V0.

Reduce Liquid Loading

Gain velocity to keep producing. Leveraging our exclusive capability to run velocity strings with safety valve functionality, we lighten the fluid column with targeted, sustainable, and precise volumes of foam and surfactants. At the same time, our efficient plunger-assisted gas-lift systems add additional lift capacity.

Maintain A Free-Flowing Wellbore

Reduce lifting costs safely and efficiently. Our comprehensive capillary solutions include exclusive safety-valve technology that facilitates downhole treatment along with a 12,000-well track record of installing capillary tubing technology that safely and precisely places treatments at the production intake.


Produce better over time. We combine ForeSite® Production 4.0 technology with our rigless solutions to help you monitor assets in real time, speed up decisions, and maximize the economic life of your assets.

Retrofit Reservoir Data

Install reliable sensing technology. Trusted on more than 7,000 wells, ForeSite Sense delivers proven intelligence that spans single-production zones in mature fields to distributed sensing arrays in deepwater basins. We combine single-cable simplicity, proven sensor reliability, and unprecedented data quality that sets the stage for a lifetime of production performance.

Be True to Your Well

Let data and experience decide. As the only end-to-end supplier for every form of lift, we provide agnostic strategies that support your well needs and production goals. We manufacture, install, and reliable service equipment that delivers production performance in any environment, including placing the lift points farther downhole or retrofitting gas lift in a producing well rig free.

Renew Reservoir Connectivity

Mitigate poor permeability, porosity, and pressure. Deployed thru-tubing or with a coiled-tubing unit, our single-trip, multizone treatments reduce ESG risk and enhance proppant placement with our exclusive temporary-diverting agent or selectively set multiple packers that deliver precision treatments.

Achieve Continuous Production Performance

Data improves profitability. Used by our Well Services team and operators worldwide, the ForeSite production optimization platform systematically enhances production, maximizes uptime, and improves efficiency at the well and asset levels. This platform consumes data from every corner of your business to help you find and prioritize production-uplift opportunities, identify bottlenecks, and detect failures before they happen.

Completion Real Results

Reinstate safety valve functionality without pulling the tubing

Safety Valve Rejuvenation

Our Renaissance® systems retrofit a new safety-valve control line where the original has failed and enhance production by enabling the delivery of downhole treatment fluids.

 Safety Valve Rejuvenation

Manage sand production

Tubing Sand Control

Whether you have a failed sand-control system or sand production is higher than predicted, our thru-tubing-conveyed sand-control solutions control sand and fines migration.

Tubing Sand Control

Increase recoverable reserves CAPEX-free

Remedial Production Enhancement

Once we’ve identified economic reserves of bypassed hydrocarbons with our industry-leading saturation logging technologies, we help you to produce and proactively manage your increased reserves.

Remedial Production Enhancement

Revive productivity and increase the life expectancy of producing wells

Thru-Tubing Intervention

Honed through decades of service, our vast array of thru-tubing equipment delivers improved economics and less risk, NPT, and well-possession time.

 Thru-Tubing Intervention

Find it, fix it, and go beyond with our rigless conveyance systems

Conveyance Methods

As your rigless restoration resource, we support integrated production well services with a global fleet of wireline, slickline, and coiled-tubing units.

Deliquify gas wells to enhance production economically

Capillary Technologies

Our capillary injection systems and services help you to maximize production, enhance safety, and protect your investment. Targeted foam injection deliquifies the wellbore and enhances lift with quick, rigless installation.

Capillary Technologies

Extend production life with an all-in-one solution

MARS™ Mature Asset Rejuvenation by Surveillance System

Integrated sensors deliver advanced, real-time data feeds and non-nuclear, multiphase-flow metering—all in real time.

MARS Mature Asset Rejuvenation by Surveillance System

Get Your Assets Back On Track

Let us help you maximize the economic life of your existing infrastructure, reduce carbon footprint, and consume fewer resources. Our well services experts and trusted technology are ready to remove the challenges standing between your business and increased profitability.