Gas-Storage-Well Integrity Services

Reveal and Repair
Casing and Cement Issues

Only Weatherford offers a comprehensive portfolio of world-class diagnostic and restoration technologies that minimize storage-well downtime. As your one-stop partner for storage-well integrity, we can help you to safely inspect and maintain your wellbores to regulatory standards.

Meet federal standards with proven oilfield technologies

Find It


Track down any downhole issue

Detect, diagnose, and evaluate even the smallest leaks and casing problems.

Built from thousands of feet of casing and tons of cement, comprehensive cased-hole well integrity raises questions that no single tool or measurement can answer. That’s why our SecureView® service—comprised of a suite of well-diagnostic technologies—combines and overlaps measurements to detect any wellbore problem in one logging run.

Using a suite of four technologies that run alone or together in a single trip, we provide high-definition logs of your inner casing, outer casing, cement strength, and cement bond. 

Prep It


Leave a restoration-ready wellbore

Remove debris to prepare for remediation.

Masters of their craft, our fishing crews stand ready for any contingency, anytime, anywhere in the world. They leverage our CLEARMAX mechanical cleaning tools to prepare the wellbore for lasting restoration.  With decades of experience all over the world, our fishing experts ensure that the job is done safely and effectively.

Fix It


Restore well integrity permanently

Install proven technology in one trip using either a workover rig or coiled-tubing unit.

As a pioneer in solid-expandable tubular systems, Weatherford offers unparalleled well-integrity restoration expertise backed by the experience of tens of thousands of installations to date. Our family of MetalSkin® solid-expandable liners provide enhanced burst and collapse resistance that seal and isolate damaged casing and shut off unwanted perforations or fluid zones. 

We repair casing issues that include corrosion, collar leaks, and casing that is split, parted, or buckled. Ideal for mature wells, MetalSkin liners eliminate the need for repeated repairs and leave a larger ID than other mechanical solutions. In many cases, the liners are installed in 1 day and require no drillout, which enables operations to resume quickly while reducing workover costs and nonproductive time.



Finish strong with safe, permanent abandonment solutions

We can manage all phases of your abandonment operation.

Our dedicated specialists use the best tools on the market to create an impermiable seal that meets strict regulatory standards and industry best practices. Using a project-managed approach, our specialists take you through all phases, from pre-job to contingency planning, compliance, engineering, implementation, and final abandonment.

Your Single-Source Service Provider

Only Weatherford offers the comprehensive inspection, remediation, and project-management solutions that meet regulatory API RP 1171 standards.

From baseline logging (Sec 6.5.2) to complete cement and casing-integrity evaluation (Sec 6.4.6 and 6.9.2) services, our wireline services deliver single-trip efficiency and unparalleled high-resolution accuracy. When needed, our well-integrity restoration services deliver a lasting repair that meets regulatory standards.

Reveal and Repair

Meet government standards with oilfield expertise

Your field-proven inspection and maintenance program starts now.

Regulations for gas-storage wells will continue to tighten. As standards develop at both state and federal agencies, Weatherford well-integrity experts can help you to meet these new regulations efficiently and cost-effectively.

To learn how our services and technologies can work for you, please complete the contact form and one of our well-integrity experts will be in touch.