VERO® OneTouch Automated Tubular System

Transforming Rig Floor Operations Through Integration and Automation

Weatherford believes the successful drilling contractor is one who streamlines tubular running operations through implementation of a single, fully automated, fully integrated system to conduct all drilling, casing, and completions operations.

The VERO OneTouch Automated Tubular System consolidates all three operations into a single, hands-free system, empowering drillers to provide revolutionary rig floor safety and efficiency with fewer personnel requirements and greater marketability.

50% Faster Rigging
10% Faster Run Times
70% Personnel Reductions
100% Operational Consistency

Adapt rigs to meet evolving business models

The VERO OneTouch system keeps you abreast with the latest technology in a safe, reliable manner.

  • Automated Rigging and Operation reduces the traditional barriers for drillers to deliver TRS

  • Integration into Rig’s Control and Anti-Collision Systems enables casing running in the same manner as drillpipe

  • Minimized requirement for third party tubular service providers on the rig

Enhance safety and reduce carbon footprint

The VERO OneTouch system empowers you to conduct safer, more efficient operations using fewer personnel and equipment.

  • Minimize Equipment and Personnel Requirements produces a cleaner, safer rig floor environment that improves efficiency while producing 20% less carbon

  • Reduce Personnel Requirements up to 70% by decreasing transportation and rig subsistence, further decarbonizing operations

  • Remove personnel from the red zone by eliminating the need for traditional torque-turn technicians and thread representatives

Increase operational efficiency

The VERO OneTouch system streamlines all operations into a single integrated, automated process that replaces human judgement and influence with computer-controlled consistency and accuracy.

  • Automated Rigging and Operations delivers changeouts between drilling, casing, landing, and completions in less than 6 minutes, delivers

  • Better makeups, less remakes and connection backouts achieve 50% faster rigging and 10% faster run times

  • Exchangeable cassette system simultaneously connects electrical power, hydraulics, and data via automatic multi-couplers

Optimize well integrity

The VERO OneTouch system automates makeup and validates each connection integrity with absolute certainty.

  • Eliminate catastrophic well failures to extend life of well quality, and mitigate threats to the environment

  • Automated control of makeup eliminates human influences and provides consistent, precise makeup accuracy with strict adherence to OEM criteria

  • Automated analysis of makeup graph uses proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to eliminate human errors, replacing human judgement with computer control

Transforming Rig Floor Operations

To learn more how VERO Automated Tubular System provides revolutionary rig floor safety and efficiency with fewer personnel requirements and greater marketability, complete the contact form below, and one of our experts will be in touch.