Single-String Packers

Achieve better casing contact for a stronger seal

Our rugged, high-performance packers give you the flexibility of mechanical or hydraulic setting options. Depending on the unique attributes of your completion configuration, our technicians will help you choose the right packer to create a tight barrier that holds firmly in place—even in challenging wellbore geometries.

Simplify packer procedures, improve efficiency, and save rig time

Hydraulic Packers

Your packer-related operations are faster and easier when you don’t need to rotate the work string to run or retrieve. Our premium OptiPkr packer combines permanent-packer robustness with retrievable-packer flexibility.

 Hydraulic Packers

Lock in with flexible, powerful sealing options

Mechanical Packers

Our mechanical-packer portfolio gives you the strength, variety, and simplicity to isolate in any production environment—and Arrowset packers add even more convenience by setting with only one-quarter turn.


Our single-string packers create a high-performance barrier that holds firmly in place.

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