Unlock Mono-Trip Gas Lift Completions Limits by using a New Cement-Through Packer and a Sliding Sleeve with Radio Frequency Identification Capability


Siriwat Hanjawanich; Taylor Shelby; Kanin Laonakornthum; Euan Murdoch; Kanokkorn Piemchaw; Tawatchai Tawatchai Duangkaewwutthikrai; Wantanee Teerasukakul


SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Publication Date

June 4, 2021


IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference, June 8–9, 2021

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Gas lift is one of the most appropriate artificial lift methods for Gulf of Thailand (GOT) oil operations. As first described in Chapman, W. R. (2005), Mono-trip gas lift (MTGL) completions have continuously improved since their implementation in the early 2000s, increasing recovery by over 15%. MTGL completions enable marginal or sub-economic new wellhead platforms (WHPs) or infill projects to become economical. To overcome the more challenging wellbore environment in which the current technology is unable to be utilized, alternative technology was trialed in 2019 to enhance the MTGL completion without sacrificing the wellbore designs or reserves.