Weatherford Introduces Expanded ForeSite® Optimization Platform

January 24, 2019
Adds ESP Predictive Failure Analytics and Plunger Lift to Industry Leading Field-Wide Intelligence Software

HOUSTON, January 24, 2019 -- Weatherford International plc announced a major enhancement to the ForeSite® production optimization platform. Among the top features of the new release is expanding predictive failure analytics to electric submersible pumping systems (ESPs) and adding complete optimization capabilities for plunger-lifted wells.

The platform expands on industry-exclusive capabilities in reciprocating rod lift by adding predictive failure analytics for ESP systems. By predicting an ESP failure before it happens, this capability not only reduces failure frequency, it also reduces total downtime and lost production by enabling proactive failure management and planning.

Adding plunger-lift optimization builds on previous optimization capabilities in rod lift, gas lift, natural drive, and ESP-lifted wells. Rather than the status quo—using a trial-and-error method to adjust operating pressures—ForeSite enables real-time optimization and surveillance along with intelligent alerts, well modelling, plunger-cycle design and more.  

ForeSite is now also edge-computing ready. Combined with advanced IoT-enabled hardware and CygNet® SCADA software, placing ForeSite modeling capabilities at the wellsite can increase asset profitability, productivity, and uptime. The world-first capability paves the way for the next-generation automation system, ForeSite Edge.

Finally, the ForeSite enhancement includes automated well testing and the ability to execute well-work activities in the field via ForeSite Mobile.

Weatherford introduced the ForeSite platform, which combines physics-based models with advanced data analytics to improve performance across wells, reservoirs, and surface facilities on a single, secure platform, in May 2017.

“Since its launch, ForeSite has been deployed around the world with unmatched success, enabling operators to identify and prioritize their production opportunities,” said Kyle Chapman, President of Production for Weatherford. “Simply put, the new ForeSite release gives operators the field-wide intelligence that they need to monetize their data. The new capabilities added to ForeSite combine an unprecedented ability to monitor performance and recognize current and future improvement opportunities across all reservoirs, wells, surface equipment and pipelines. This is the field of the future.”

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