Set the stage for reliable, prolific production

Your well is too important to settle for old completion technology that’s been adapted for a new application. On land or offshore, conventional or unconventional, Weatherford is trusted to deliver modern completion technology with a truly consultative approach. Our field-proven portfolio can minimize costs, reduce risks, and optimize production for any completion. 

Safety Systems

Protect your assets with the most reliable safety valves in the industry

Optimax safety valves deliver the highest possible standards to maximize health, safety, and environmental performance for the life of your wells.

Set strong safety seals

Protect your assets with the most reliable safety valves in the industry

Gas-Lift Systems

Maximize production and safety performance in gas-lifted wells

For low-producing conventional wells, high-producing shale wells, or prolific deepwater wells, our turnkey gas-lift solutions include gas-lift design, monitoring, and analysis to maximize the performance and profitability of your wells. 

Inject more life into your wells

Production Packers

Isolate production flow from the casing wall with reliable, pressure-tight seals

Weatherford packer systems deliver exceptional performance in every application, from basic to extreme. Whether your wells need permanent, retrievable, or feed-through production packers, we’ve got you covered.

Isolate with integrity

Production Packers

Reservoir Monitoring

Create Value In Every Well, Any Environment

Create continuous, actionable intelligence for any well.

Discover ForeSite Sense Reservoir Monitoring Solutions

Flow Control

Manage wellbore fluids, flow rates, and pressures

With more than three decades of flow-control experience, we offer a comprehensive flow-control systems portfolio to optimize flow, boost production, and increase operational efficiency and flexibility.

Control your fluid flow

Manage wellbore fluids, flow rates, and pressures

Isolation Barrier Valves

Contain wellbore fluids and improve flow control

From rugged OptiSet flapper valves to bidirectional OptiBarrier ball valves, RFID-actuated valves, and specialty designs for various applications, our isolation barrier valves provide reliable completion safeguards. 

Optimize zonal isolation

Multistage Fracturing

Stimulate efficiently with field-proven multizonal stimulation equipment

From heel to toe—in both cased and open holes—we deliver the downhole infrastructure to enable an unlimited number of targeted, well-isolated fracture zones and eliminate time-consuming interventions.

Maximize frac effectiveness

Multistage Fracturing

Openhole Isolation Packers

Isolate production zones with field-proven openhole completion systems

Our openhole isolation portfolio combines rugged simplicity and high-integrity performance to improve formation stability, reduce fluid diversions, improve sand control, and streamline your fracturing operations in open, uneven wellbores.

Improve frac effectiveness in open holes

Openhole Isolation Packers

Sand Control

Maximize sand-free production and reduce your overall well cost

Our comprehensive toolbox of sandface technologies includes a range of premium technologies that enable sand-free production, which boosts your efficiency and profitability for the life of the well. 

Reduce sand ingress

Cased-Hole Wireline

Improve completion efficiency with actionable reservoir data

Our comprehensive completion wireline services—including perforating and borehole seismic services—provide efficient and rig-free remediation and modeling for your completed wells.

Acquire actionable reservoir data

Cased-Hole Wireline

FracAdvisor® Solution

Improve fracture placement and effectiveness in unconventional plays

Using our FracAdvisor solution, our engineering team evaluates data from well logs, lab tests, and core analyses to optimize stage and perforation placement, proppant type and loading.

To learn more about our FracAdvisor® Solution, click here

FracAdvisor® Solution

Boost completion efficiency and optimize production while reducing risk and expense

Weatherford has a broad portfolio of field-proven completion technologies to help you enhance efficiency, lower costs, mitigate risks, and optimize production.

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