Isolation Barrier Valves

Contain wellbore fluids and improve flow control

From rugged OptiSet flapper valves to bidirectional Optibarrier ball valves, RFID-actuated valves, and specialty designs for various applications, Weatherford isolation barrier valves provide reliable safeguards that are essential to every completion. Our team will work closely with you to understand your well conditions and production goals before designing the optimal completion configuration. 

Bidirectional Barrier Valves

Boost operational efficiency with unlimited actuations

Our tubing-retrievable, bidirectional Optibarrier ball valves are available in a range of high-performance configurations to improve operational efficiency. They can actuate unlimited times via multiple methods, including RFID. 


Control flow in both directions

Fluid-Loss Control Valves

Prevent fluid loss to the formation during completion operations

Bolstered by decades of completion-engineering expertise, our fluid-loss control valves deliver field-proven performance to enhance safety and reduce your operational time. They provide reliable isolation in the most challenging completions.


Prevent damage from uncontrolled fluids


RFID-Enabled Barrier Valves

Put easy, cost-effective actuation technology to work in your wells

In addition to actuating the ball valve using frequency-modulated pressure pulses or via the onboard timer, the RFID-enabled Optibarrier valve provides a whole new level of completion ease and efficiency.


Enable RFID convenience in your wellbore