Sealbore Packers

Create a tight seal that stands up to wellbore loads

You can trust Weatherford sealbore production packers to provide a simple, strong completion solution that performs well over a wide range of downhole pressures. Available for both permanent and retrievable installations, they withstand tubing loads in your anchored completions and accommodate tubing movement in unanchored completions—all while delivering exceptional zonal isolation and fluid control.

Permanent Sealbore Packer

Achieve solid footing in your upper completion

The UltraPak permanent sealbore packer provides you with reliable, long-term isolation for single- or multiple-zone completions in straight to highly deviated wellbores with high differential pressures. 


Set a strong completion footing

 Permanent Sealbore Packer

Retrievable Sealbore Packer

Seal tight, retrieve, and repeat as needed

The BlackCat retrievable sealbore packer is a high-pressure packer for production, gravel packing, and injection. It provides an excellent seal that enables packoff while resisting swabbing.


Get reliable, retrievable packer convenience

 Retrievable Sealbore Packer

Set a robust, high-pressure seal

Weatherford permanent and retrievable sealbore packers deliver solid performance in straight to highly deviated wellbores.

To learn how our sealbore packers will stand up to your downhole applications, please fill out the contact form, and we will be in touch.