Sand Control

Maximize sand-free production 

Our enhanced sandface technologies enable sand-free production to boost your efficiency and profitability for the life of the well. We provide you with a comprehensive toolbox of sand-control products that includes a range of inflow-control devices, shunt-tube technologies, openhole isolation packers, expandable sand screens, gravel- and frac-pack systems, and industry-leading conventional well screens.

Filter out abrasive sands to maintain well integrity and boost production

Well Screens

From conventional sand screens to specialty screens such as our shunt-tube designs, we deliver tailor-engineered solutions that help you to increase tool longevity and achieve optimal production.

Conform to the wellbore to cost effectively maximize production and minimize sand infiltration

Expandable Sand Screens

Expandable sand screens support your wellbore while offering exceptional sand-control capabilities. Compliant screen expansion conforms to the wellbore, stabilizes the formation, reduces the completion skin, and minimizes frictional pressure losses.

Expandable Sand Screens

Keep formation sand in place and prevent solids from inhibiting production

Gravel-Pack Systems

Our gravel-pack systems give you a strong defense against damaging sand and fines in a variety of downhole settings. In any conventional or unconventional application, we deliver an unsurpassed level of gravel-packing and frac-packing performance and efficiency.

Gravel-Pack Systems

Protect against damaging fluid losses and dangerous well volatility

Fluid-Loss Control

Our fluid-loss control valves create a downhole barrier to keep fluids from migrating downward—and our bidirectional Optibarrier ball-valve design also contains pressure below the valve to maintain well control.

isolation barrier valve

Manage early water and gas breakthrough to enhance recovery

Inflow Control Devices

Combined with our comprehensive line of well screens, FloReg inflow-control devices (ICDs) help to distribute inflow evenly throughout a horizontal wellbore—and to reduce early water and gas production.

Inflow Control Devices

Improve production, increase reliability, and minimize environmental impact

Fluid Systems and Placement

Our trusted portfolio of precisely formulated completion fluids includes top-performing gravel-pack carrier fluids, sand-conglomeration services, fluid additives, degradable fluid-loss diverters, proppants, and acid systems to keep your wells flowing smoothly.