Expandable Screens

Conform to the wellbore to cost-effectively maximize production and minimize sand infiltration

In weak, unconsolidated formations, traditional sand-control methods may not be viable. Expandable sand screens support your wellbore while offering exceptional sand control-capabilities. Compliant screen expansion conforms to the wellbore, stabilizes the formation, reduces the completion skin, and minimizes frictional pressure losses. For you, that translates to a low-cost solution to increase well productivity and enhance ultimate recovery.

Rely on stable, sand-retentive systems

Compliant Expansion Design

The ESS expands compliantly against the open hole to filter sand, support the original wellbore, and reduce stress-induced damage. The design features four overlapping rectangular sheets of metal weave filters attached to a slotted expandable base pipe and encased within a protective metal shroud.


Real Results in Malaysia

ESS® expandable sand screens provided single-trip installation in 54 shallow oil wells with sand-control issues and short pay zones. Since the wells have come online, none have had recordable sand-control failures.