Fluid-Loss Control

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Protect against damaging fluid losses and dangerous well volatility

Completion operations can render your lower wellbore formation susceptible to potentially damaging fluid losses. Our fluid-loss control valves create a downhole barrier to keep fluids from migrating downward.  For added protection, our bidirectional Optibarrier ball-valve design contains pressure below the valve to maintain well control. We offer a complete range of field-proven technologies that reliably isolate your completion.

Isolation Ball Valves

Improve isolation with a life-long, bidirectional barrier

Built for versatility and standardization, our ISO/API V1-rated Optibarrier isolation ball valves―including high-performing mechanical, hydraulic, and remote-controlled valves―protect your formation in any type of completion.


Put bidirectional barrier flexibility to work

Fluid-Loss Control Valves

Prevent fluid loss to the formation during completion operations

Even in the most challenging completions, our fluid-loss control valves provide reliable isolation. OptiSet fluid-loss control valves open at any angle with hydraulic pressure alone, and they deliver single-trip installation in deviated or horizontal wells.

Save time with simple operation