Cementing Systems

Decrease surge pressures and achieve a high-quality cement job

As a single-source provider for field-proven cementing systems, we provide high-quality cement jobs that maintain well integrity and reduce the chances of a cement-related workover. From deepwater to unconventional wells, our technologies reduce cementing risks and surge pressures, safely increase your casing- and liner-running speeds, and help you to reliably reach total depth.

Surge-Reduction Tools

Reduce surge pressures for casing and liner running

We help you to safely increase tubular-running speeds. Our SurgeMaster® II system mitigates mud-loss risks, improves the likelihood of reaching your desired depth, and reduces formation damage caused by surge.


Surge-Reduction diagram

Reverse Cementing Systems

Reduce cementing risks in weak or lost-circulation zones

Activated an unlimited number of times by radio-frequency-identification (RFID), the CrossStream™ reverse cementing system reduces equivalent circulating densities (ECD), mitigates the risk of cement losses, and improves cement coverage.


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Reverse Cementing diagram

Deepwater Cementing Systems

Decrease surge pressures and achieve a high-quality cement job

Our deepwater technologies—including the exclusive CrossStream™ reverse cementing system and the WellMaster® all-in-one deepwater system—reduce the surge pressures that cause formation losses and damage.


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Unconventional Cementing Systems

Reduce well-preparation costs for fractured wells

Field-proven in every major shale play, the multiple latch-in high-pressure rupture plug system prepares horizontal wells for fracturing with less rig time than conventional systems.


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Unconventional Cementing Systems

Plug-and-Abandonment Systems 

Place high-integrity cement plugs

We provide a complete cement-plug package that enables correct placement of multiple high-quality cement plugs, reduces the number of trips required to set multiple plugs, and avoids cement contamination.


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Plug-and-Abandonment Systems