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Maximize reservoir exposure and reach your preferred target

We help you to safely drill from one casing point to the next in the shortest possible time. Using a suite of technologies that include rotary-steerable systems, logging-while-drilling services, surface logging systems, and borehole-enlargement technologies, we combine real-time formation analysis with innovative drilling tools to maximize drilling efficiency in any environment.

Logging While Drilling

Characterize the subsurface environment while drilling

Our LWD systems deliver high-quality reservoir-characterization data. Working in standard to extreme drilling environments, our technologies deliver real-time petrophysical, geosteering, imaging, geophysical, and geomechanical data.


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Measurement While Drilling

Achieve accurate directional surveys in any drilling environment

Our measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems leverage several proprietary telemetry methods to reliably transmit data to surface, even in wells subject to heavy vibration, high-lost-circulation-material content, high flow rates, and high doglegs.


Gain accurate directional azimuth, inclination, and toolface data here

Measurement While Drilling

Rotary-Steerable Systems

Drill smooth, precise wellbores

Featuring the world’s first 16° build-rate tool, Revolution® rotary-steerable systems produce smooth, ready-to-case wellbores. With continuous near-bit measurement and bidirectional downhole communication, you can make informed, real-time drilling decisions.


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Directional Drilling

Maximize power output for optimal bit performance

We leverage 30 years of drilling experience to combine the right torque, speed, and flow capabilities in our positive-displacement mud motors.


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Directional Drilling

Borehole Enlargement

Enhance borehole enlargement and wellbore cleanup in a single run

Optionally equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, our RipTide® drilling reamer and JetStream® circulation sub enhance drilling and reduce trips. The reamer works in combination with our ReamSync borehole performance system for ultimate performance.


Create a high-quality, concentric wellbore here

Drilling with Casing

Increase efficiency and mitigate drilling hazards with simultaneous drilling and casing

Performing simultaneous drilling and casing- or liner-running operations can help you to accelerate well construction, reduce risk exposure, and mitigate potential hazards.


Run, set, and cement your casing or liners here

Drilling with Casing