Logging While Drilling

Characterize the subsurface environment while drilling

Our logging-while-drilling (LWD) systems deliver high-quality reservoir-characterization data. Working in standard to extreme drilling environments, our technologies deliver real-time petrophysical, geosteering, imaging, geophysical, and geomechanical data that enhances reservoir understanding and enables on-the-fly drilling adjustments.

Gamma Logging

Measure naturally occurring radiation while drilling

With a full suite of gamma tools, we correlate your reservoir model, measure shale volumes, and deliver real-time well placement in any environment from routine to extreme.


Differentiate shales from sandstones and carbonates here

Gamma Logging

Neutron Porosity and Density Logging

Measure neutron porosity and formation density while drilling

Our thermal-neutron porosity and azimuthally focused formation-density tools provide fluid typing, pore pressure evaluation, and petrophysical measurements that determine water saturation, lithology, and porosity.


Determine porosity, lithology, and fluid information to enhance reservoir production here

Resistivity Logging

Detect boundaries and measure water saturation while drilling

Our resistivity suite provides measurements that help you to determine hydrocarbons in place, calculate water saturation, correlate against the reservoir model, and guide well placement with our deep reading capabilities.


Achieve quality resistivity measurements in any mud system here

Resistivity Logging

Sonic Logging

Acquire acoustic data while drilling

Our industry-leading sonic tools and experienced LWD engineers can help you to correlate seismic time-versus-depth measurements, determine porosity, and understand the mechanical state of the rock.


Verify your seismic data while drilling here

Borehole Imaging

Visualize the borehole environment while drilling

Regardless of mud type, our real-time imaging services identify structural and stratigraphic dip, locate natural and drilling-induced fractures, and characterize facies and stress orientation.


Characterize natural or stress-induced fractures and make informed completions decisions here

Borehole Imaging

Pressure Testing

Determine reservoir pressure and fluid mobility while drilling

We provide direct, real-time pore-pressure and fluid-mobility information that helps to evaluate reservoir potential and mitigate potential hazards while drilling.


Acquire real-time formation-test and pore-pressure measurements here

Well Placement

Chart your course to more pay

Our InZone geosteering service provides the team and technologies that can help you to stay in zone and open your reservoir for maximum production—even in your most challenging wells.

Hit your reservoir target here

Well Placement

Interpretation Software

Gain insight into your reservoir with intuitive answer products

Before, during, and after the drill bit turns, we analyze the drilling plan with an extensive portfolio of answer products that includes borehole image interpretation, petrophysical analysis, and more.


Stay informed, in control, and on target while drilling here

Interpretation and Evaluation Services

Online Chart Book and Petrophysical Calculator

Specialize data at your fingertips for your formation

Our WaveBook LWD online chart book and petrophysical calculator contains many petrophysical, geophysical, and general logging references, such as mineral properties, shale volume, dynamic elastic moduli, and sonic porosity and slowness to velocity calculator.

Make onsite LWD corrections for your specific formation

Well Placement

Learn more about LWD

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