Sonic Logging

Acquire acoustic data while drilling

We provide reliable, high-quality acoustic data. Our industry-leading sonic tools and experienced LWD engineers can help you to correlate seismic time-versus-depth measurements, determine porosity, and understand the mechanical state of the rock. Our sonic tools produce real-time compressional and shear wave measurements with downhole processing capabilities, and our optional azimuthal sonic service provides borehole imaging and shear-wave anisotropy data.

Receive quality acoustic data in all hole sizes

Sonic Logging

With a robust, industry-leading transmitter, the ShockWave sonic LWD tool provides reliable, real-time data in a wide range of downhole conditions.



Acquire total sonic measurements and azimuthal borehole images

Azimuthal Sonic Logging

Our CrossWave® azimuthal sonic tool provides 16-sector compressional and shear wave measurements, as well as 360˚ sonic borehole images.


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