Measurement While Drilling

Achieve accurate directional surveys in any drilling environment

We deliver accurate directional azimuth, inclination, and toolface data in all drilling environments from routine to extreme. Our measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems leverage several proprietary telemetry methods to reliably transmit data to surface, even in wells subject to heavy vibration, high-lost-circulation-material content, high flow rates, and high doglegs.

Positive-Pulse Telemetry MWD

Acquire directional, gamma ray, and temperature data

Our HyperPulse MWD system uses positive-pulse telemetry to deliver directional surveys, gamma ray data, annular-pressure readings, and temperature measurements.


Go beyond traditional mud-pulse transmission capabilities here

HyperPulse™ MWD system


Trust in real-time data

Our extreme-environment logging services—including the HEL hostile-environment-logging and HeatWave Extreme services—provide positive mud-pulse telemetry in high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) environments up to 30,000 psi (207 MPa) and 392°F (200°C).



Gyro-While-Drilling Service

Avoid collisions with real-time wellbore positioning data

We enhance drilling performance and safety in magnetic environments with our TrendLineSM gyro-while-drilling service, which provides advanced collision avoidance and real-time wellbore position data.


Acquire continuous toolface data while drilling here

Gyro-While-Drilling Service

Electromagnetic Telemetry MWD

Survey without rig hydraulics

The EMpulse electromagnetic system transmits bidirectional data by injecting electric current into the formation rather than using mud pulses. This reduces survey time by transmitting data during pumps-off events.


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The EMpulse™ electromagnetic system