Integrated Systems

Reach total depth and secure integrity using complete liner solutions

As a world leader in liner technology, Weatherford has applied experience through more than 20,000 liner installations to develop a spectrum of integrated systems. Our suite offers you broad options, from a cost-effective solution for aging fields to premium systems for your most critical assets. We design and manufacture each component of our systems in-house, and we provide support with highly trained professionals involved from job planning to execution.

Maximize seal integrity when hanging long, heavy loads

Expandable Liner System

Tested to rigorous standards and V0-qualified to 12,000 psi (83 MPa), our TruForm® system helps you to run and install long, heavy liners by incorporating a one-piece, thick-wall expandable hanger body.

 Expandable Liner System

Install well integrity for most common well configurations

Unibody Standardized Liner System

Our one-piece mandrel eliminates internal connections to reduce the risk of leaking connections. Delivering multi-tool functionality in a single package, the Xpress™ liner system meets or exceeds API 19LH standards for increased reliability.


Maintain liner integrity with zero gas and fluid leakage

Premium Liner System

Our IntegraLine® liner system—featuring a V0-rated packer for safe operation up to 400°F (204°C) and 15,000 psi (108 MPa)—maximizes reliability in ultradeepwater, extended-reach, and HPHT sour gas wells.



Premium Liner System