Blowout Preventers

Control the release of well fluids and gases

With a blowout preventer (BOP), you can create a pressure-tight seal at the top of the wellbore to restrict flow from the well. Our inventory includes a variety of annular and ram-type BOPs, specialty BOPs for large casing strings, snubbing units for live-well applications, and control units for remote operation. As a single source for your BOP needs, we perform testing, service, and installation.

Close in on reservoir pressures

Blowout Preventer Units

We stock, test, service and install an enormous variety of annular and ram-type BOPs as well as snubbing stacks. Our models have bore sizes up to 30 in. and pressures ratings up to 25,000 psi (172 MPa).

Blowout Preventer Units

Complete your well-control solution

Blowout Preventer Components

In addition to blowout preventer units, we provide a full complement of accumulators, choke and kill manifolds, diverter valves, and pressure-control accessory equipment.

Blowout Preventer Components

Enhance BOP-stack installation safety

Flange-Connection Systems

Reduce the amount of time that personnel spend in the wellhead cellar from hours to minutes. A safer, more efficient alternative to all flange connections, our Safety-Tensioning-Adapter system eliminates the need for hammer or torque wrenches and provides a consistent flange connection.

Safety-tensioning adaptor

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