Casing Repair and Zonal Isolation

Re-establish well integrity and isolate unwanted zones

When our well-integrity logging services pinpoint a problem, our casing repair and zonal isolation services fix the issue with a smaller bite out of your budget than you might expect. Featuring our MetalSkin® solid-expandable cased-hole liners, our well-integrity-restoration technologies safely and reliably isolate damaged casing, seal off unwanted perforations and formation fluids, and restore your well to productivity.

Expandable Cased Hole Liner

Isolate problem zones and permanently restore well integrity

Our solid-expandable solutions are permanent and efficient alternatives to short-term, squeeze-cementing jobs. Deployed via coiled-tubing or a workover rig, our MetalSkin® solid expandable systems isolate damaged casing and seal off unwanted perforations and formation fluids. With single-trip installation and no drillout required, our solution significantly reduces nonproductive time and is typically installed in one day. 


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Expandable Cased Hole Liner

Expandable Casing Patch

Restore tubular integrity with a permanent steel seal

Deployed in more than 12,000 wells, our rig- and wireline-conveyed tubing and casing patch systems restore well integrity in one trip.

Our HOMCO® casing patch repairs collar and casing leaks, unwanted perforations, and worn casing with minimal ID restriction. Available for more than 60 different sizes and weights of tubing and casing and in a large range of casing sizes, this patch provides a long-lasting alternative to temporary cement squeezes. When rigs are unavailable, our X-SPAN® tubing and casing patch provides a permanent repair for short- and medium-length tubing or casing intervals.


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Expandable Casing Patch