Openhole Systems

Bypass drilling obstructions and access additional reserves

Anchored by our team of certified specialists, we provide reliable service excellence for openhole re-entry operations. Our high-performance, robust anchoring options provide maximum formation grip and torque ratings, which enables a clean sidetrack from your parent wellbore.

Cement-Style Systems

Achieve openhole anchoring in any environment

Used with an available inflatable packer, our cement-style openhole whipstock systems provide efficient re-entry without the use of a false bottom or cement.


Exit and cement with a single whipstock assembly here

Openhole Whipstock System

Non-Cement-Style Systems

Eliminate multiple trips and costly cementing operations

Our reliable and field-proven non-cement-style openhole systems not only provide a clean exit, they also minimize fracture damage in the immediate setting area.


Access the pay zone in the shortest possible route here

Openhole Whipstock Anchor