Wellbore Cleaning Services

Remove wellbore debris and leave a completion-ready wellbore

We offer a unique combination of industry-leading technologies and experienced people. Backed by a complete portfolio of CLEARMAX™ mechanical, chemical, and filtration-based technologies, we offer comprehensive wellbore cleaning services for the complete life cycle of any well. Our suite of technologies removes all well debris and residue, leaving a clean, solids-free, and completion-ready wellbore

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Remove solid contaminants

Our CLEARMAX™ mechanical cleaning tools efficiently remove wellbore debris to provide a clear path for production. Our proprietary line of casing cleaning, debris-extraction, and circulation tools can help you recoup your investment much faster by eliminating the need for multiple cleaning trips.


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Mechanical solutions


Remove drilling fluid contaminants

Our wellbore chemical-cleaning solutions provide a smooth and complete transition from drilling to completion fluid. Following a thorough mud analysis, we use industry-leading, independently verified displacement chemicals—including filtercake breakers, water-wetting surfactants, oil-base mud thinners, and pipe-dope solvents—to create a customized cleanup solution for your well.


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Maintain a solids-free wellbore

Our CLEARMAX™ filtration services provide effective solids removal for your completion, workover, and gravel-pack fluids. These integrated or standalone filtration services remove the bacteria, scale, clay, rust and pipe dope—or other solids—that can reduce production potential and lead to formation damage.


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Filtration unit