Jet-Pump Systems

Enhance production and profitability with long-lasting, low-maintenance lift

Jet-pump systems can help to optimize artificial-lift operations and reduce costs across every production stage over the life of your unconventional wells. Whether accelerating your frac-fluid recovery from the wellbore or delivering consistent liquid flow in both oil and gas wells, jet pumps are deployed and retrieved without a rig and are well suited for a wide range of applications.

Make shale plays pay

Centrifugal Jet Pumps

Pair powerful productivity with next-generation intelligence

By integrating two robust and low-maintenance technologies—horizontal pumping system (HPS) and hydraulic jet pumps—with unmatched production intelligence, Weatherford elevates hydraulic jet-lift to a precision science.

Experience the world's first smart jet lift

Centrifugal Jet Pump

Surface Jet Pump

Boost production in high-backpressure wells without expensive workovers

The longer you can sustain high initial flow rates by taking advantage of natural reservoir energy, the better. Weatherford surface jet pumps help you to do exactly that while reducing CAPEX.


Overcome high flowline backpressure

Surface Jet Pump

Real Results in Iraq

Weatherford installed and tested a jet-pump lifting system without pulling the existing completion. The pump achieved the target production rate of 5,000 BOPD (795 m3/d oil) during a 5-day test period.

Put jet lift to the test