Sucker Rods

Maximize uptime with the ideal rod string

Only Weatherford delivers a superior, unbiased solution for every rod-lift application. Our industry-leading portfolio guarantees a match between your needs, budget, and production strategy. Choose between standard, premium, and corrosion-resistant models to make the most of your field assets and unique well environments.


Conventional Rods

Boost run life while balancing efficiency and economics

Our superior manufacturing processes, stringent quality control, and vast technical understanding combine to extend the traditional performance capabilities of rod lift. Take advantage of unmatched performance and maximum production.

Maximize uptime with our standard rods

Conventional Rods

Premium Rods

Make confidence part of your production string

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art Greenville, Texas manufacturing plant, our premium sucker rods must undergo rigorous quality control standards and enhanced fabrication processes. Take advantage of superior rods made with our proprietary shot-peening process, exact temperature controls, and data-driven calibration for unmatched quality assurance.

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Premium Rods

Corrosion-Resistant Sucker Rods

Increase uptime in corrosive rod-lift and PCP-lift wells

EX stainless-steel sucker rods deliver high performance in harsh well environments. Its patented stainless-steel chemistry and high-impact values dramatically reduce corrosive pitting and crack propagation for extended run times and enhanced production.  

Learn about the world's first stainless steel sucker rod

EX sucker rods

Friction-Resistant Rod Couplings

Minimize tubing wear in corrosive rod-lift and PCP-lift wells

Developed with ExxonMobil, our Mamba severe-service couplings feature a proprietary, diamond-like coating that reduces coupling-to-tubing friction. The unprecedented technology is field proven to deliver 6X greater wear protection and run life compared to any other coupling, including premium, spray-metal, or wear-resistant couplings.

Protect your production tubing now

Fiberglass Rods

Optimize production with lightweight durability

Compared to steel sucker rods, our fiberglass sucker rods reduce the weight on the rod string by 70 percent, increase stroke length, and last longer in corrosive wells.

Increase longevity in challenging conditions today

Fiberglass Rods

Rod Guides

Maximize runtime by eliminating rod-on-tubing wear

Made of premium thermoplastics and reinforced with glass or aramid fibers, our sucker-rod guides suit the most demanding wells, including those with high water-cuts, high temperatures, excessive corrosion, and harsh abrasives.

Extend rod and tubing life now

 Rod Guides

Rod Rotators

Extend the working life of your sucker rods

Boost run time and ensure your rods and couplings last longer with conventional and intelligent rotators that increase the life of your rod string.

Produce for the long run in mature wells

 Rod Rotators

Wireless Load Cells

Improve load performance with precision tensile-force measurements

Protect your rod string with precision load measurements in extreme conditions. These stainless steel polished-rod load cells accurately measure tensile force on the polished rod to enhance rod-pump system-loading and performance.

Get more longevity from your string now

Wireless Load Cells

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