Flow Measurement

Obtain accurate water-cut and flow-rate data in real time

We provide continuous, consistent, and reliable measurements that surpass conventional methods. Our water-cut and multiphase metering solutions solutions integrate into your topside, wellhead, subsea, and downhole operations to provide consistently accurate measurements in any oilfield environment.


Application Guide

Determine the ideal measurement system for your asset

With more than 30 years of experience, Weatherford flow-measurement systems can help you to optimize field performance, diagnose production problems, and comply with environmental regulations.

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Water-Cut Meters

Detect and track water onset in real time

Our Red Eye® water-cut meters provide real-time measurements in land or subsea applications across the full range of water cut from 0 to 100 percent. 


Distinguish water from gas and liquid hydrocarbons

Red Eye Water Cut Meters

Multiphase Flow Measurement

Analyze individual-phase flow rates in real time

Our multiphase flow-measurement products deliver accurate and continuous individual- or group-well flow rate measurement for oil, water, and gas. 


Eliminate the need for bulky test separators

Multi Phase Flow Measurement


ForeSite Platform

ForeSite® Platform

Connect your entire production ecosystem

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Production Edge

ForeSite® Edge

Drive continuous production performance

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CygNet® Platform

Unify all data silos into a single ecosystem

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ForeSite Sense

ForeSite® Sense

Detect wrist-pin failures before they happen

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