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WFXO™ Openhole Gravel-Pack System

Helps Operator to Achieve a 32% Increase In Oil Production from a Campos Basin Well


  • Run a lower completion through a carbonate reservoir in preparation for a multistage simulation treatment.

Our Approach

  • The operator called on Weatherford to install a lower completion in an offshore, high-angle well in Brazil. The Weatherford completions team discussed the casing program, wellbore trajectory, and reservoir parameters with the operator.
  • After running torque and drag simulations, the Weatherford team recommended the WFX0 openhole gravel-pack completion system. The WFX0 system—featuring the WFX0  retrievable sealbore packer, gravel pack closing sleeve, quick connect and Optibarrier™ isolation barrier valve—is capable of completing multiple zones in a single trip while providing reliable, gas-tight reservoir isolation.
  • Weatherford deployed a select completions crew to the rig. Using the WFX0 system, this crew installed an openhole lower completion system without tool sticking or well swabbing.
  • With the WFX0 system in place, the operator was able to carry out a multizone acid job.
  • The entire operation was conducted without any quality, health, safety, or environmental issues.

Value to Customer

  • The WFX0 system delivered single-trip mulltizone acid job to create a wide flow path that significantly improved acid-fluid performance during the subsequent stimulation job.
  • The integrated Optibarrier ball valve transformed the system into a deep-set isolation barrier, which eliminated any need for an intermediate completion and saved the operator 2 days of rig time.
  • The WFX0 multizone configuration  was instrumental in helping the operator to realize a 32% increase in production.


Brazil, Campos Basin

Well Type

Offshore oil producer





Casing size and Depth

9-5/8 in., 47 lb/ft at 8,500 ft (2,591 m)

Total Depth

12,982 ft (3,957 m)


WFXO™ Openhole Gravel-Pack System
WFXO™ Openhole Gravel-Pack System

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