Short Composite Plug

Mill up in as little as five minutes with Minima composite frac plugs

One of the shortest plugs in the industry fast-tracks your fracturing operations. Efficient fracking in multizone plug-and-perf completions can minimize downtime to start production sooner. Our Minima composite frac plug increases the efficiency of these operations. With a length as short as 12 in., it mills up in just 5 minutes or less and also minimizes material in the wellbore.

Minima Composite Frac Plug Animation

Set your eyes on expedient milling

A short length and first-rate features combine for a big impact.


Maximize the advantages

Get set for success

With lengths as short as 12 in., the Minima frac plug offers multiple setting styles to fit the needs of your application. A top-setting version uses traditional shear screws, and a bottom-setting configuration uses a composite shear ring, which safely shears below the plug.

Maximize plug-and-perf efficiency

Minima frac plugs, with their composite materials, short length, and lightweight cuttings, help maximize frac plug efficiency with faster millout and circulation times.

To find  out how to get maximum performance from your multizone completions, please send us your contact information.