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The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Casing Recovery Solutions with Integrated, Single-Trip Simplicity 

Extend productive well life and maximize asset value before final decommissioning with Ardyne Technologies and the exclusive casing recovery systems from Trident® and Titan®.

Integrated, Single-Trip Simplicity

Take advantage of world-class experts working directly to provide fit-for-purpose solutions including conventional fishing, milling services, casing exits, and anything in between, featuring an unprecedented network of locations to support client operations with the latest industry technologies.

Reduce Rigtime

The holistic portfolio of Weatherford and Ardyne empowers operators to solve complex problems associated with well abandonment and slot recovery while eliminating multiple runs for enhanced rigtime efficiencies.

Efficiencies for Reduced OPEX

The TRIDENT and TITAN systems are exclusively designed to cut and recover casing in a single trip and provide one of the industry’s most efficient operation to reduce rig time and OPEX.


TRIDENT is the industry-leading, single-trip, cut-and-pull system that permits operators to cut and recover casing on demand, maximizing recovery operations.


TITAN utilizes the Down Hole Power Tool to apply direct pulling force at the stuck point, enabling casing recovery from active formations or those with restrictions due to settled solids—avoiding multiple expensive and time-consuming remedial operations. 

Reduce Rigtime

Adapt with Agility

The Weatherford/Ardyne toolbox, consists of an industry-leading, proprietary suite of technologies featuring its primary focus on saving rigtime with configurable designs that quickly adapt to solve wide-ranging scenarios—such as casing sizes and weights, recovery depths, formations, annulus fluids, and barrier-verification requirements.

Flexibility for Unique Challenges

The comprehensive portfolio and adaptability of the technology provides operators the flexibility to address any challenges encountered during late-life operations.

Integrated Technology

The flexibility and agility of the TRIDENT system to make multiple cuts and pulls in the same run and utilize its integrated tension-set packer and hydraulically activated spear provides industry-leading, single-trip efficiencies. 

Bridge Plug Functionality

TRIDENT also provides the ability to set bridge plugs in the same run or use a bit to dress cement plugs prior to cutting-and-recovery operations.

On-Demand Pulling Force

TITAN permits unmatched on-demand downhole pulling force at the stuck point, providing the highest probability of a successful casing recovery. The flexibility of TITAN offers the assurance of being able to reposition and perform additional cuts without having to pull out of hole. 

Adapt with Agility

Simplify and De-Risk

Revolutionary versatility and single-trip efficiency simplifies operations for premium performance while decreasing HSE exposure and lowers carbon emissions.

World-Class Engineering

Premium expertise ensures superior project planning, guidance, and best practices—creating ideal solutions that are purposefully designed to eliminate redundancy, improve safety, and reduce footprint.

Streamlined Operations

Ardyne technology eliminates redundancy by reducing remedial operations associated with well abandonment and slot recovery.

Improved Safety

Together, Weatherford and Ardyne improve safety performance—driven by less time in the redzone handling bottomhole assemblies, tripping drillpipe, and eliminating the need for remedial activities. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By virtue of reducing rigtime and its associated heavy equipment, a lower carbon footprint is attained, which will be directly related to all project workscopes and results.

Simplify and De-Risk

Revolutionary Casing Recovery Systems

The TITAN system is a flexible, single trip, downhole hydraulic power tool with an adaptability that maximizes casing recovery in challenging circumstances and repeatable casing cutting performance.

The TRIDENT system is a rotary driven, single trip, cut and pull system that saves valuable rigtime by combining the bridge plug setting or cement plug dressing prior to cutting and recovery of the casing.

Trident® and Titan® are patented products and registered trademarks of Ardyne Technologies, used with their permission.

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