Mechanical Outside-Latch Single Trip System

Cut and recover wellheads and casing

In subsea environments, our M.O.S.T Plus mechanical outside-latch single-trip system provides safe, efficient cutting and pulling capabilities for abandonment operations. Unlike internally operated systems, the M.O.S.T. Plus system uses mechanically activated arms that latch onto the outside of the wellhead, which minimizes damage to the recovered wellhead, eliminates cutting-string wobble, and accelerates cutting in open water.

The M.O.S.T. Advantage

The M.O.S.T. Advantage

Find out more about how our M.O.S.T. Plus system can improve your well abandonment operations.


The M.O.S.T. Plus system provides single-trip efficiency for casing-cutting and retrieval operations and wellhead-recovery operations to reduce rig time.



A visual latch and unlatch confirmation enables safe and dependable wellhead recovery. In an emergency situation, an exclusive release feature jettisons the grapple arms to disconnect from the wellhead.


The system facilitates tension-cutting and compression-cutting operations by either mud-motor or top-drive rotation.



The M.O.S.T. Plus system is available with a wide range of grapple arms to retrieve all standard wellheads. An optional nonrotating flexible stabilizer can be run above the cutter to greatly reduce vibrations and increase cutting efficiency. Multiple mandrel options support diverse applications.

There are several cutter and blade configurations available, which are all designed to efficiently cut any casing configuration. 

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