WSBP Well-Suspension Barrier Packer
Robust Hold, Efficient Simplicity

Advanced Wellbore Isolation for Long-Term Reliability and Safety

Today’s challenging energy operations call for effective wellbore isolations capable of maintaining integrity, enhancing efficiency, improving safety, and reducing environmental risk. The Weatherford WSBP well-suspension barrier packer provides a temporary downhole pressure-barrier for wellbore-isolation operations within challenging onshore and offshore applications (including deepwater) where a temporary, mechanical barrier is required.

Featuring its API-19AC-qualified valve and API 11D1-qualified packer designs, the WSBP creates a reliable isolation barrier with tested validation requirements that are 96 times more stringent than API requirements. This strength and dependability enables easy, efficient deployment with pinpoint setting for the ultimate in seal reliability – creating a mechanical barrier capable of performing high-pressure integrity tests from above and below the plug. The WSBP sets and releases in one trip without the need for left rotation and features an easy retrieval process for streamlined operations and additional OPEX savings. This high-quality strength provides enhanced stability of the barrier for long-term confidence and safety.

Single-Run Versatility

Valve flexibility improves run-in options and simplifies recovery for reduced OPEX.

API-19AC valve sets and unlocks the plug without rotation, enabling one-trip installation and simplified recovery using its self-equalization feature.

Robust valve flexibility

Allows for testing above and below in a single run and its easy retrieval process leverages previous equalization to expedite operations.

Complete wellbore adaptability

Takes-on challenging reservoir environments, including all onshore and offshore applications as well as deepwater.

Single-Run Versatility

Extreme Pressure-Hold

24-hour, high-strength testing-hold period provides enhanced safety and reliability.

Extended pressure-hold capability allows for integrity testing from above and below the plug.

Proven packer/valve strength

Is API 11D1 and 19AC qualified and includes a reliable, 24-hour testing-hold period that is 96X more stringent than API requirements.

High-strength valve and packer system

Creates a mechanical barrier capable of performing high-pressure integrity tests from above and below for extreme well environments.

Extreme Pressure-Hold

Streamlined Operation

Right-hand-rotation functionality adds workstring flexibility for enhanced installation efficiency.

Right-rotation, set-and-release functionality provides workstring flexibility, greatly reducing disruption to ongoing operations.

Qualified barrier

Is ideal for temporary abandonment purposes, including wellhead maintenance, batch drilling, and batch completions campaigns.

Testing functionality

Activates from below the valve in the open position and contains pressures within workstring and annulus for independent testing and enhanced operations.

Flexible performance

Adds strong reliability for storm-packer contingencies and any other temporary abandonment applications.

Robust Hold, Efficient Simplicity

Maintain well integrity and help reduce environmental risks with the temporary downhole pressure-barrier for all wellbore-isolation operations including all onshore, offshore, and deepwater applications where a temporary, V3-rated mechanical barrier is required. Simply complete the form below and a completions specialist will contact you soon.