Rig Integration

Make upgrades to your rig for a safer, more efficient wellsite

Rig integration systems can help you to achieve safety and productivity goals once thought impossible in challenging operations. By engaging with operators and drilling contractors during rig building, we can recommend and install the optimal rig equipment package to improve immediate and long-term operational outcomes.

Our packages comprise three main integration levels with different levels of complexity—from a simple installation of a tong and positioning device to a complete integration of equipment with the driller’s console. These packages include modular equipment to connect to your existing rig systems in a way that least disrupts the current package and conserves valuable rig-floor space.

Establish compatibility between Weatherford tongs and rig positioning systems

Tong Adaptor

With our LinkMaster® tong adaptor, any positioning device can move a Weatherford tong to well center to run tubing and casing of various sizes. 

Tong Adaptor

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