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Single-Trip Completion and Stimulation

Delivers $1 Million in Rig Time Savings and 5 Days of Early Production


  • Simplify operational logistics throughout the completion process.
  • Complete and stimulate a well in a single trip.
  • Achieve early production by saving time during the preceding operations.

Our Approach

  • Weatherford Integrated Services proposed a completion solution, including field-proven equipment to reduce installation time and achieve early production. This design had been implemented with good results in Colombia and analyzed for use off the coast of Mexico in Cantarell field.
  • After the customer agreed to try the solution in its well for the first time, Weatherford worked in conjunction with its engineering team. Together, they fully adapted the completion design to needs of the field, which optimized logistics and planning.
  • Weatherford deployed the solution and performed multiple actions—including setting the packer, performing a pressure test, and cleaning the screens using wash pipe—in a single trip. These actions enabled reaching total depth in the well and circulating on the toe of the string.
  • On the same trip as the completion installation, Weatherford stimulated the well without the use of coiled tubing.

Value to Customer

  • Weatherford Integrated Services optimized the completion process in terms of logistics, personnel, and equipment for quicker, simpler operations compared to those with coiled tubing.
  • The single-trip completion and stimulation solution saved the customer 5 days of rig time worth US $1 million by avoiding the use of coiled tubing, which involves time and costs related to rigging up, running in the hole, pulling out of the hole, and rigging down.
  • The integrated approach also enabled the customer to achieve 5 days of early production, or 16,000 bbl, for an estimated revenue of US $4,850,000.



Well Type

Offshore, shallow water, oil

Hole Size

8-1/2 in.

Casing Size

7 in., 32 lb/ft


17,552 ft (5,350 m)


Single-Trip Completion and Stimulation Delivers $1 Million in Rig Time Savings and 5 Days of Early Production

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