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Victus™ Intelligent MPD

Allows Operator to Combine Two Hole Sections, Eliminating Contingency Liner String in Unconventional Gas Reservoir


  • Maintain a constant bottomhole pressure (CBHP) with a lighter mud density to drill several formations with a variant pressure regime in a zone with neighboring fracking activity.
  • Navigate through a drilling window without the need to halt drilling before reaching the section total depth (TD) and running a contingency liner string.

Our Approach

  • While conventionally drilling similar wells in the field, the operator had to separate two challenging sections by running a 7-in. liner to cover the first formation and drilling a 5 7/8-in. lateral section.
  • The managed pressure drilling (MPD) team suggested using a lighter mud density while drilling the 8 1/2-in. section, maintaining constant bottomhole pressure while the well was monitored for kicks and losses.
  • The bottomhole pressure was controlled to avoid high overbalance and induced losses using MPD techniques to instantaneously respond to well behavior without the need to increase the mud density.
  • Engineers optimized the killing operation and mitigated overkilling challenges by evaluating the well during drilling operations.

Value to Customer

  • The well was successfully drilled to TD, avoiding kicks and losses.
  • By using MPD, the operator eliminated the need to run a contingency 7-in. liner, a technique often used in conventional operations.
  • The use of a CBHP and lighter mud density allowed the selection of the optimum trip mud density, preventing losses and ballooning effect problems.
  • Across the 13 wells of this operation, the application of MPD techniques saved the operator $450,000 USD per well, equating to an approximate value of $5.85 million USD for the entire campaign.


Onshore Middle East

Well Type

Horizontal, unconventional gas reservoir

Formation Type

Tight sandstone

Hole Size

8-1/2 in.


100 to 105 lb/ft3 (1,603 to 1,681 kg/m3 )


7,400 to 17,400 ft (2,255 to 5,303 m)


Victus Intelligent MPD Allows Operator to Combine Two Hole Sections Eliminating Contingency Liner String in Unconventional Gas Reservoir

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