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Fully-Remote Installation of Conductor Casing

in Deepwater Well Eliminated Personnel in Red Zone, Reduced Total Personnel on Board by 33%


  • Install 36-in. conductor casing on a deepwater drilling rig with remote-operated casing tongs, tong-positioning system, spider, and elevator.
  • Perform the operation with no personnel in the red zone.

Our Approach

  • The customer requested hands-free equipment for running 30-in. and 36-in. conductor casing.
  • The Weatherford team determined that the existing 30-100 power tong needed to be upgraded to accommodate 36-in., and the 36-in. hinged casing spider needed to be upgraded for remote operation.
  • To meet the contractual deadline in 240 days, the equipment was received in Brazil, performance tested, and presented to the customer.
  • After successful testing, the customer requested mobilization of the operation for 36-in. conductor casing.
  • Weatherford’s operations engineering planned the first operation for running the conductor casing using hands-free equipment. The full system was powered with the rig hydraulics using Weatherford’s multiport manifold.
  • The 36-in. conductor casing was successfully installed using the fully-remote equipment with no personnel in the red zone.
  • Due to the successful execution of the operation, the customer requested this approach for all future operations.

Value to Customer

  • The fully-remote capabilities of the casing tongs, tong positioning system, spider, and elevator eliminated personnel in the red zone, significantly improving personnel safety.
  • With the elimination of personnel in the red zone, total personnel on board (POB) was reduced from 6 to 4, a 33% reduction .
  • All joints were 100% accepted in the first attempt, enabling efficient rig-up times of 1.5 hours.
  • The reduction of the crews and associated logistics reduced the customer’s overall carbon footprint.


Brazil, deepwater

Well Type


Casing size and well type

TSH BlueDock® LR 70 ELS conductor casing 36-in. (91 cm), x 1.500-in. (3,810 cm) WT Grade B API 5L pipe


Water depth: 4,504 ft (1,373 m)
Well depth: 4,744 ft (1,446 m)


Remotely-installed 36-in. conductor casing being run with no personnel in the red zone.

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