Guidelines for Weatherford Suppliers - Invoicing Information


As Weatherford strives for excellence in customer service and operations and continues our journey to deliver exceptional results, we are introducing our Supplier Invoicing Requirements Kit (SIRK).

The Weatherford SIRK provides a single set of guidelines and requirements that apply to all invoices globally. Adherence to these requirements will enable more timely processing of your invoice(s).

Invoice Submission Methods

How can I submit an invoice for payment?

Select the appropriate country mailbox to submit invoices electronically.


When is a purchase order (PO) required with my invoice?

The Weatherford representative should be able to provide guidance if there is any question about the Buy to Pay Matrix. If you did not receive a Weatherford issued PO for goods/services listed in the Buy to Pay Matrix, contact the Weatherford representative that requested the product or service for this information. It is preferred for PO invoices that the PO is attached with the invoice.

How can I find the purchase order number or cost center to include on my invoice?

Contact the Weatherford representative that requested the product or service for this information.

What do I (the Supplier) do if my Weatherford Representative is not available to provide the Non-PO Requirement Form?

The Weatherford Buyer is usually the Weatherford Representative and the primary point of contact. In the event that person is not available, escalate to the senior most manager for the location / product line the request was made from. Do not submit your invoice without the appropriate documentation as listed in this Kit.

I am/have a Freight provider, does that mean I need to follow this Supplier Invoice Requirement Kit?

Yes, but invoices may require submission to a Freight specific mailbox depending on country. Go to the section Invoice Submission Methods “How Can I submit an invoice for Payment?” to check if your country has a Freight specific inbox. If only a single mailbox is listed, submit freight invoices to that mailbox.

I have a paper copy invoice, how do I get that submitted?

Only a soft copy is accepted. Scan and email the invoice to the appropriate inbox as stated in the SIRK under Invoice Submission along with the documentation required (Proof of Delivery, Non-PO Requirement Form, etc). See the Supplier Invoice Requirement Kit’s Country Addendum Requirement table for guidance if there is a tax or legal obligation to submit a paper copy.

How will I know that my invoice has been rejected?

Invoices that do not meet the outlined invoice requirements will be returned to you from a Weatherford employee with a notice stating the reason(s) for rejection. It is the supplier’s responsibility to re-submit the invoice with the necessary corrections.

Where can I locate the full legal Weatherford name and product line/division associated with my invoice?

The full legal Weatherford name can be found on the Weatherford Purchase Order or the Non PO Requirement Form. If you do not have a Weatherford issued PO or Form then contact the Weatherford representative that requested the product or service for this information.

How does this Supplier Invoice Kit affect Payment Terms?

Payment terms will commence upon Weatherford acknowledgement of a compliant invoice. If the invoice is rejected, it is the Supplier’s responsibility to submit a compliant invoice. Once a Weatherford representative has confirmed compliance, the invoice will be scanned in for processing.

If the invoice and proof of delivery should be submitted as one pdf, what order do they need to be arranged in (Invoice, PO or NON-PO Form, and Proof of delivery)?

The package should be submitted as per the Invoice Submission Special Instructions section in the Supplier Invoice Requirement kit.

Who can I contact to get help on my invoice if it was rejected or I have questions?

Questions can be directed to the country specific inbox listed in the Supplier Invoice Requirement Kit’s Where to Go for Help section.