Weatherford Recognized for Environmental Stewardship in South Texas

December 2, 2015
Oilfield Services Major Recieves 2015 STEER Eagle Ford Excellence Award

HOUSTON, December 2, 2015 – On Tuesday, November 17, Weatherford accepted the 2015 Eagle Ford Excellence Award for Environmental Stewardship from the South Texas Energy & Economic Roundtable (“STEER”). The award recognized the water recycling program at Weatherford's Corpus Christi pipe plant.

As part of its service offerings, Weatherford supplies oil and gas producers with drill pipe for use during onshore drilling operations. The drill pipe is often lubricated using oil-base muds, which may contain diesel or mineral oil and which can be difficult to clean off of the pipe after the operation is complete. Weatherford historically relied on third-party contractors to clean the used drill pipe, but reassessed that reliance in 2012.

With the dual goals of cost savings and enhanced environmental stewardship, Weatherford decided to bring the pipe-cleaning process in house. The company designed and installed a customized wastewater treatment and recycling system at its existing facility in Corpus Christi. The water recycling program has drastically reduced the facility's freshwater requirements from 2.2 million gallons per year to 17,000 gallons per year. In addition, the recycling system has eliminated the need to discharge wastewater to the city sewer, thereby reducing environmental liability while also realizing savings on water use, sewer fees and potential discharge permitting.

“Water conservation was a primary focus from the start,” said Patrick Ford, US Environmental Manager for Weatherford. “We are pleased that STEER has recognized our efforts to protect the environment in which we live and work.”

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