Underbalanced Drilling

Manage inflow from the formation during drilling

Our underbalanced drilling (UBD) services control the inflow of reservoir fluids into the wellbore while you drill. This technique minimizes near-wellbore damage, increases well productivity, and reduces drilling problems—such as differential sticking and low rates of penetration—especially in mature fields and horizontal wells. 

Our services combine one of the largest fleets of surface and downhole UBD equipment in the industry with reservoir analysis techniques, fluid systems, and well engineering personnel. Our real-time reservoir characterization while drilling can help you to understand wellbore permeability and pressures and ultimately reach total depth. 

Real Result: Underbalanced Drilling Saves $1.4 Million in Mud Costs in Unstable Exploratory Gas Well

Real Result: Underbalanced Drilling Technology Enables Drilling to TD in 1 Day

Real Result: Underbalanced Drilling Services Enables Client To Save $2 Million and To Double the Expected Gas Production

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